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Respect Policy

Respect Policy

We respect all of our clients and in return hope that all of our clients will respect our spa and out therapists. We also have the right to refuse service to any client that we feel does not share that respect fully.

  • -Respect our spa and staff includes NOT being at our spa while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.


  • -It also includes committing to your scheduled appointment. We do understand that things may come up including emergencies or sickness (and can work with you on those situations), but we do appreciate that if you make an appointment that you fulfil the commitment.

  • -Respecting our therapists also includes tipping them for their services. We do not have a required tipping policy; however, it is customary to tip your therapists for their hard work.

" Our therapists are self-employed and may refuse to perform massage services on you in the future if you do not tip appropriately ".

We try extremely to keep a great team available to provide a great service for you and work so hard to make all of our clients happy as well. We appreciate so much!

Thank you for your understanding and hope you enjoy your experience in Spalation very soon!

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