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Spalation Story

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

There are many questions that our clients ask us.

One popular question....what does Spalation mean?

First of all, we tried to list out words that would resemble what we wanted our brand name to represent about our Spa feeling with relaxation and luxury. We tried to combine the one word .

A lot of the names that we tried to make originally consisted of: Spalaxion, Sparelaxion, Spalasine and many, many more until we discovered and fell in love with Spalation.

We posted a lot of the names to our Facebooks and asked our friends to vote for the name that they liked best and most of them loved Spalation.

Afterwards, we researched the name on Google to make sure that it had never been used before and tried to build our logo with our brand .

Spalation is Spa and Relaxation combined together created our name .... and presents a luxury feel and elite all at the same time .

When we got the name and Logo for our brand, we were thinking of and looking for the concept that we can do by ourselves regarding our service model and concept .

From the service side:

The Writer/co-owner has over 15 years of experience in the Spa industry in many countries such as 5-star hotels in Thailand, high-quality day spas in Japan, and a modern spa in South Korea. In addition he has 5 years of experience in the cruise line service industry. All of these were great experiences that made me know all about Customer Service and what the clients want and expect. It also taught me what service the servers should provide to a client. Moreover, the Writer also knows how to massage and has a National license from many countries which makes ours clients confident about our team of therapists and their knowledge and high experiences for training. This allows us to give you the best service in single session massage.

From the client side:

Our other co-owner comes at this from the client side and business side. He loves to get a massage every single day, and he loves to spend time in the high quality spa around the world and knows what he wants from a spa and what kind of customer service he appreciates and wants to pass on to our clients as well. This makes our team know what to concentrate on for our clients and provide the best service to all the clients want. We really cater to and pamper our clients from the time they come into our spa to the time they leave, provide them a high-quality massage, and ensure they have a relaxing and wonderful experience here.

When Spalation co-owners dreamt of Spalation, they started right away trying to build our brand and get it going. We hoped to be a high-quality Spa and Massage Retreat for every body in Kansas City. Kansas City has never had a Spa like us before. We want to be a local brand that everybody can be visit often with a very reasonable price.

If you are looking for some place to have a good massage, Spalation in Kansas City is the one to choose. You must try.

If you are looking for a place to be pampered while you're getting a great treatment, Spalation is the one to pamper you from the time you walk in our door to the time you leave.

If you are looking for a place to make you relax and relieve you from your stress, Spalation is the one to make you feel like a new person when you come.

Thousands of reviews or people talking about us is not enough and can't compare with only the true experience that you will get.

Give us a try and decide if what the writer tells you is true or not.

Spalation Team

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