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Updated: Dec 27, 2021

" When I was very young, I remember one thing from that time. ”

I see one guy who worked very hard and was very kind to me. He was very strict and quiet, but never said no to anything that I asked from him.

In my memory from when I was 6 years old, that guy gave me a watch for my birthday present that he bought in Singapore, where he worked very hard away from his family for a period of time. It was the first watch and the first birthday present I ever received in my life.

I never knew much about the meaning of the watch that he gave me, but one day when I had grown up, he told me the meaning.

“Everybody has a time and I wish for you that you will have Your time forever during the rest of your life because every minute belongs to you!”

I have never forgotten that first watch and the meaning of it that the guy told me ...

That guy that I gave headaches to all of the time...

That guy that was never bored to answer any stupid question from the little boy back then...

That guy that was never too tired to take care of our family and me.

That guy that never asked for something in return for what he gave...

That guy that I call “Father or Dad”

I still have a thousand memories that I never will forget and can’t even come up with words to explain what is in my mind, but I do have four words that should tell everything to him...

“ I Love you, Dad”

" Don’t forget to show your dad how much you love him on Father’s Day...."

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